No Dummies in DUMBO

No Dummies in DUMBO
aka Finding Clarity in Brooklyn


Last weekend I discovered the magic of DUMBO, the trendy neighborhood in Brooklyn located between the Manhattan and Brooklyn Bridges, or "Down Under the Manhattan Bridge Overpass."


I was with writers. Awwwww. Really good writers. I stayed in Marcia Hillis’s artist loft who just came back from showing her art in Cuba and who lives a Hemingway life – how cool is that!

My friend, Terry Hawkins who was the director for the Yale Summer Conference was our host. He now has a business called Check it out online.

Anyway, On Saturday, we met in a very hip little poetry shop for classes run by high caliber teachers, Louis Bayard and John Crowley. Check them out on-line too – you’ll see what I mean. On Sunday, we sat in Marcia’s loft and workshopped our novels, memoirs and/or short stories.

If that wasn’t magical enough.

In all eight of my fellow writers I felt (not saw) everything they were. Swear to Buddha I did. I felt so connected to them. A few were in pain. Some knew they were, some didn’t. Some were more stable than whatever holds up the Brooklyn Bridge. Some worried about their worth as a writer. Some worried about their worth as to who they were. I so wanted to get my yoga claws into them.

But I didn’t – Although I talked about the benefits of yoga and Reiki a lot – I mean a lot.

Clarity came for myself. I couldn’t believe how in the moment I felt. John Crowley showed us different shapes stories can take. I know he illustrated this to my class four years ago at Yale. But then I had no idea what he was saying. I was lost and my mind was so cluttered with – stuff.

Not this time. I got it. I got what my story needed. I got all that they shared. And I truly, from the bottom of my heart, believe it was because of my yoga practices – all eight limbs of it – that and my Reiki practice.

I so enjoyed the weekend. Mostly because the grace of all the writer’s at the workshop spilled out all over the cobblestone streets. They were and are amazingly beautiful people. Thank you guys for caring so much.

Um, you sure you’re not yogis?