Flurries and Gratitude

Gratitude Warms the Heart on a Cold Winter Day

Gazing out my window, I find myself wishing I was some place warm. I watch the snow falling softly, knowing that in a few hours it will increase to blizzard heavy. So I daydream. I imagine that I am in a place different from where I am. I do that a lot, which doesn’t make me the prototypical yogi – but that’s who I am.


I am also a writer – prone to zoning out. It doesn’t mean that my gratitude is any less sincere for the gifts the universe has given me. After all, it’s just an environment change I crave. I was raised in Miami – so let’s give a scrawny girl a break. 

Even though it’s in the dead of winter, I’ve found that metaphysical warmer climate in the friendships I’ve established and the growth in my own spiritualism. I’ve been reading as many books as I can.

Just this week I became a Level 2 Reiki practitioner. I’m thinking about how it will fit into my everyday life and my teaching. What gifts can I give to my students as well as anyone who engages me in conversation.  I don’t imagine doing anything else. I love where I am metaphysically.

So as I write this blog post, I will practice what I preach. I’ll accept that I am human and love myself despite my imperfections.  I’m bringing my attention to the beauty and energy of the flurries, forgetting my momentary need for the sun. The more I practice, the more I can bring myself back to the moment, discovering the depth of my gratitude.