Days of Wine and Yoga

A writer's retreat on the New Jersey shore proved to be the perfect spot to meld two worlds into one. It left me wanting more. And ready to start writing the next chapter in my life.


In October I attended a writer’s retreat in Avalon, NJ. My good friend, Kathy Temean, rents a big romantic house every year to bring together for three days children’s writers from all over and either agents or editors from New York City. It’s a big deal and a wonderful opportunity for professionals to critique our complete manuscripts. It also is a blissful three days filled with wonderful people who love to talk about children’s books and the craft of writing for children.

Wanting to contribute more than a manuscript and a bottle of Prosecco, I offered to introduce Yin Yoga to the group. Kathy thought it was a good idea, and everyone was jazzed to try something new.

OMG – what an experience we had. Pushing back sofas and moving around bodies a bunch of times to find enough space on the living room floor, I wondered if we would ever find stillness. After all, we are children’s writers.

The giggles and self-doubt surfaced. Sufferings emerged. Normal feelings for yogis. And for writers.

But I've learned that, like yogis, writers are prepared to keep moving forward in faith that momentary limitations will be bypassed. For yogis that may mean a deeper practice. For writers that may mean going deeper into the story or a character.

We got through the Yin practice supporting each other – just like the three days. My heart will remain full of memories of new and continuing friendships and the generosity of spirit that allowed me to share a type of yoga that I love. Perhaps next year my manuscript will be better. Perhaps next year I will introduce them to Yoga Nidra. In every way our journey continues.