Bettelynn McIlvain began some fifty years ago as a student of movement.  It was that love of movement that led her to yoga, inspired her to become a yoga teacher, and to write about it.  "I love the physical beauty of yoga, yet I learned it's yoga's connection to spirit that increases our inner wisdom. We then can cultivate a deeper relationship to all beings in our modern world" says Bettelynn. "I like to incorporate guided meditation and visualization into my Yin classes to help my students not only deepen their postures but also their understanding of their life experiences."


"I drew upon my experiences in life and in the arts as a dancer to help me define my style as a yoga teacher. I am mindful that my role is to open doors to students to find their own practice. I keep my students focused on proper alignment while still immersed in the rhythm of their own feelings."

BL Yoga Poetic:  Bettelynn, a graduate of Skidmore College, received a Bachelor of Science in Dance/Theatre. She has studied extensively in New York with such ballet greats as Melissa Hayden and David Howard. She holds a yoga teacher’s certification from Yoga Alliance, holds an 80 hour Yoga Alliance certification with Sarah Powers, and has over 100 hours of Yin Training under her belt. Her friends call her BL. 

What's Age Got to Do with It?

Bettelynn is also a published writer for literary journals and anthologies, and writes inspirational pieces on yoga.

"The universe knows that the soul is ageless and we have much to learn, no matter how many years we have behind us or in front of us," she says in her most recent musing, published in the Yogi Times. "As long as there's a positive spirit, you can't go wrong."

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The Art & Science of Movement

Bettelynn danced professionally. Fluid and full of grace, she approached her early yoga classes with a sense of curiosity. Always open and eager to learn, Bettelynn found she enjoyed the challenges of the poses, or asanas. And, along the way she noticed an exciting transformation in herself and her own practice.

A darker, earthier and slower-paced yoga practice, Yin offered a deeper contemplation of the whole of ourselves and the connectivity to the universe that drew Bettelynn to it. Past emotional and physical wounds became less of a problem. Her range of motion and vitality increased.

 “A perfect complement to our Yang-heavy culture, the long-held poses and deep relaxation of Yin can benefit the bodies of athletes, the minds of students, or anyone who lives an overstressed life.”

Bettelynn offers private lessons in Yin yoga, and teaches a weekly class in New Hope, PA, at the award-winning Lifestyle Center of Cornerstone Health and Fitness. Contact Bettelynn for dates and times.

"Bettelynn McIlvain helped me to discover the healing benefits of Yin yoga, and the joy in slowing down and mastering the moment. I have come to know myself better as a result of practicing with Bettelynn. She is a strong, spirited yet gentle teacher!"   - Joyce


Grounded • Determined • Spirited

In Ayurvedic medicine, vata is one of the three doshas, or physical and emotional traits, that constitute a person's temperament. Vata personalities are quick, creative, fun, personable, ever changing, full of joy and energy. Bettelynn keeps her "vata" spirit grounded with daily meditation and a regular Yin yoga practice